About Us

Excelnics Industries’ Background

Excelnics Industries was established in 2003 and currently we have over 100+ customers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

Excelnics Specialises in :

Design, Installation, Repair, Maintenance and all other related Services for all types of Reliability Testing Equipment, used in various industries ranging from automotive, electronics, semiconductor, aerospace, electrical to pharmaceutical, amongst others.

Overall about Excelnics :

Excelnics Industries is a service oriented company, providing technical services on equipment such as reliability testing equipment, vibration test system, reflow and wave soldering system.

Over the years, we have gained an excellent reputation for our high quality products,
fast response time, dedicated service team and competitive prices.

To provide the most compelling and complete services and solutions to all industries with requirements for specialized technical skills and advanced technology
To provide the most comprehensive reliability testing skills and services to all related industries

Excelnics History


Jan, 2003

Excelnics Industries Sdn
Bhd was established in

Mar, 2007

Excelnics Industries Pte
Ltd was formed in

Mar, 2010

Excelnics expanded with
a branch in Penang

Nov, 2010

Excelnics started its
operation in Thailand
Group 2646

Oct, 2015

Excelnics moved to
their own office in Shah
Alam, Selangor

2020 onwards

To-date, Excelnics
continue to serve its wide
ranging customers in
these locations, and in
other Asia countries.

Our Strengths

More than 22 years of experience in reliability testing equipment, vibration test system and material testing equipment.
Experience in Climats, Cybortronics, Envirotronics, AES, CSZ, Thermotron, Espec, Hitachi, ETAC, Kato, Suga, Votsch, Weiss, Tenny, Despatch, Russel, ACS (for environmental test equipment).
Experience in Tira, Sonic Dynamics, IMV, EMIC, LDS, Shinken, UD, GW and ETS (for vibration test system).
Trained in Climats (France) and Hanse (USA) for environmental testing equipment. Trained in VR (USA) and Sonic Dynamics (China) for vibration test system.
We have one of the largest field service engineer group in this region.

Our Commitments

Skilled and experienced team of engineers and technicians.
Efficient after-sales backup services – parts and technical advice.
Helps customer to source for parts locally – shorter lead time and lower price.
Extensive spare parts in our inventory.
Timely delivery schedule and high quality products.
We respond as fast as we could.
Competitive and reasonable
We are happy to provide support
(If required)

About CEO


Arthur Kwan

CEO of Excelnics

“Excelnics is committed to serve our customers with passion and integrity.
Let’s work together to achieve a greater heights. Your success is our success.”